Thinking about purchasing 3 Week Yoga Retreat by Beachbody? Read this before you do ANYTHING!

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Hello my name is Jennifer! I am a single mother with 2 beautiful daughters that mean the world to me.

Sadly about 2 years ago I found out my husband was having an affair with a younger woman he worked with.

We went through a very messy divorce that sucked all the energy right from me.

During this time I was very depressed and stopped focusing on my fitness and put on a lot of weight and started experiencing a lot of back pain.

A few months ago I decided it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself and time to start being a healthy mom and role model for my daughters.

Ok enough of my sob story… this article is about 3 Week Yoga Retreat by Beachbody!

3 Week Yoga Retreat Review and Results

I started doing some research on Google for some great fitness programs for beginners where I could lose weight and help relieve my back pain.

I saw a few different Yoga programs but didn’t really bite the bullet and make any purchases.  It wasn’t until I saw an advertisement on TV for Beachbody’s 3 Week Yoga Retreat!

3 Week Yoga Retreat Logo
The before and after photos looked great and everyone said it was perfect for beginners.

I thought it looked perfect for me… boy was I wrong

I went ahead and purchased the program and unfortunately it was NOT a good decision.

3 Week Yoga Retreat Review – Is it worth the Money?

In total the program costs $72.80. I have to say right off the bat that is not worth the money for what you get.

I think Beachbody has a reputation for jacking up the price on a lot of it’s products and this one is no different.

Dollar SignThe program comes with just 4 DVDs and a small nutrition guide.  The number of workouts you get for the amount you pay is just not worth it.

I believe there are far better Yoga programs out there for the price.

I went ahead and gave the program a try for 2 weeks and I found them to not only be boring and repetive but VERY HARD TO DO!

This program is said to be for beginners but this was not the case at all.

I’ll be the first to say my core strength is not great and a lot of the movements involve having to use your core to stay in one place.

Needless to say I failed miserably.

One move in particular was extremely hard for me to do.  Every time I attempted it I failed and it made my back hurt even more!

I ended up doing a Google search on the movement and I found that the move “should only be done by veteran Yogas and could be damaging to a beginners neck, back, shoulders, back and wrists.”

It made me so angry!!

I felt completely ripped off!

To top it off the videos and filled with ads for other Beachbody products. I just wanted to pop in the disc and do some nice calming Yoga but instead I have to sit through a bunch of infomercials that they won’t even let you fast forward through!

My 3 Week Yoga Retreat Results

Thumbs Down ImageWell unfortunately I can’t post any results… because I quit! That’s right! I can’t beat around the bush… I quit!

I tried for 2 weeks and between repetitiveness of the movements plus the extreme difficulty I couldn’t stand to do it anymore.

It was causing my body more harm than good.  I wasn’t losing any weight and my back pain was still at an all time high.

A friend of mine actually tried the program too and she thought the same as me.  The program is way too expensive, not easy to follow and just waaay too difficult for a beginner.

Does 3 Week Yoga Retreat Work?

I’m sure like any workout routine if you did this religiously you would see some results.  But in order to begin the program I suggest you have a great Yoga background and already have some great flexibility.

However, if you’re like me and you need something that is aimed more for beginners as well as saving you money you should check out the alternative program I am following at

The Alternative Program That Is Working For Me…

After my disappointing attempt at 3 Week Yoga Retreat I went back to Google and searched for other programs.

I ended up on a Beginner Yoga message board where a lot of people were having the same issues with me when it came to 3 Week Yoga Retreat.  One member talked about the success they were having with a program called Yoga Burn.

Yoga Burn Logo

Yoga Burn is very much aimed for beginners and has several phases you can go through until you build up enough of a foundation to try some of the harder movements.

The nice thing about it is it’s a FRACTION of the price as 3 Week Yoga Retreat!

3 Week Yoga Retreat Discounts and Coupons

Coupon Code TagUnfortunately, I could not find any discounts or coupons available for 3 Week Yoga Retreat.

I did a lot of digging and searching but I don’t think any discount even exists!

However, I was lucky enough to find a discount that got me $20 off Yoga Burn!

Yoga Burn Discount can be found here:

Again, Beachbody did not offer any discounts to 3 Week Yoga Retreat! 🙁

With the discount I purchased Yoga Burn for just $47!!

To make it easier I’ll compare both products for you

ProgramYoga Burn3 Week Yoga Retreat
Beginner's WorkoutYesNo
Digital CopyYesNo
Discount AvailableYes ($20 Off)No
Program LengthUp to 12 WeeksUp to 3 Weeks
Money Back Guarantee60 Days30 Days

As you can see you get a lot more with Yoga Burn for a much cheaper price! Plus it’s a workout that is truly meant for beginners.

Now again I’m not going to say 3 Week Yoga Retreat will not work for you. Like any workout program if you follow all the guidelines you are sure to see results.

But if you are looking for a Yoga program that is truly for beginners and at a much more affordable price point… than I recommend Yoga Burn over 3 Week Yoga Retreat.. but at the end of the day it’s your decision!

My Yoga Burn Results After 4 Weeks

I wanted to share with you real quick my results from Yoga Burn. I am very satisfied that after just 4 weeks I am definitely seeing and feeling results! My back pain is better than it’s ever been and I’ve even had to go buy some newer clothes to fit me 🙂

Photo of my Current Results

I feel more confident than ever and have so much more energy to do activities with my daughters! They are happy to see their mom in much better shape and of course much happier after everything I’ve been through.

Photo of Jennifer

Truly from the bottom of my heart, whether you try 3 Week Yoga Retreat or Yoga Burn or any other program for that matter… make sure you follow through and do it! Your body and overall health will thank you for it!

Thank you Yoga Burn for helping getting my life back on track!

Until Next Time,

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  1. Wow, finally an honest review about something that does not work and what works for a cheaper value. All the reviews I’ve seen, always indicate much more expensive products.

    • Absolutely Cain! It’s so much easier for me to see things when they are laid out in front of me like in a chart or a table, I’m glad it worked for you too! You can definitely see a lot of differences between the 2… makes you realize 3 Week Yoga Retreat gives you much less for more $$.

  2. Good to know that there are normal mothers with the same problems looking for the balance between body, family and health. I will defitinily try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fantastic Tara!! You aren’t alone when it comes to your situation! There are millions of us out there! Give Yoga Burn a try and let me know your results! As always.. if you have questions feel free to ask!

  3. Jennifer I just wanted to share that I’m on week 2 of Yoga Burn and I love it so much! I love that its created just for women. So wonderful and easy to follow. Thanks again for your recommendation.

  4. Beachbody programs really never felt quality to me. I did insanity and 3 week yoga retreat before and both felt rushed and didn’t offer many motivation movements. thank you for suggesting Yoga Burn!!

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