The Natural Healing Powers of Sciatica Tea

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Have you tried everything but can’t seem to get rid of your agonizing sciatica pain? If so, this article was created for you.  Read on as I explore the very rare overlooked sciatica pain reliever… Tea!

Photo of AlexHey my name is Alex and I am a father to 2 awesome boys and husband of 8 years.

Just like you I was a long time sufferer of sciatic nerve pain.  I think we can all agree it is one of the most unbearable yet annoying pains in the world.

It shows up when we least expect it and can easily ruin your entire day.

Sciatica Tea: The Natural Sciatic Nerve Pain Reliever

Sciatica Diagram

I can remember a few times my sciatica would act up during big family events.  At my youngest boys pre-school graduation when his name was called to walk up on stage

I jumped up to take a photo and immediately the pain shot through my buttocks and leg! I let out a scream in the middle of the ceremony!

Talk about super embarrassing!

When at nighttime when I’d be hanging out with the family the pain would creep up on me and completely ruin a night filled with fun.

I made several doctors appointments and got checked out quite a bit.  The problem was most of the doctors I went to immediately wanted to slice me open and perform surgery!

I don’t think so!

Not only did that not sound appealing but I didn’t have anywhere near the money for that!

How I Discovered Sciatica Tea

So as it turns out, mother-in-law is huge into at home remedies.

She’s always the one we go to whenever we are sick and have aches and pains.

She doesn’t “believe” in surgery and all that and is a true believer that the natural substances our earth creates can cure pains and diseases.

I have to admit, sometimes I am skeptical of all that.. but at this point it was either have surgery or see what kind of remedies she knew about for sciatica pain.

One day I went to speak with my mother-in-law to see if she had any information about at home cures and reliefs for sciatic nerve pain.

She took one look at me and smiled and said…

Hun.. drink some tea!

There was just one slight problem with this… I have never in my entire life been a tea drinker.

Cup of Tea

I think the only time I had ever even tried tea was when I was forced to when I was younger lol.

But again I was determined to try anything.

My mother-in-law talked about a well-known program found online called Sciatica SOS.

She said my father-in-law used it last year to help him permanently cure his sciatic nerve pain.

That’s right, he never once had to visit the doctor!!

Now all the sudden these at-home-remedy lovers didn’t seem so crazy to me lol!

Apparently, it’s a program that guarantees to relieve your sciatica in a week and she said it’s main focus is based around a special Nepali Tea.

Here is a full on review of the program if you are interested in learning more about Sciatica SOS:

I ended up purchasing the program using the coupon code and immediately got started to see what this magical sciatica tea was all about!

The program is stocked full of information about sciatica.

Different exercises you can do, foods you should eat, the proper amount of sleep you should have but most importantly it talks all about the sciatica tea!

As it turns out tea has some very powerful healing powers that dates back thousands of years ago.

Of course there are many different teas that have different effects on your body but the best tea I found that had the biggest positive effect on my sciatica was Valerian Tea.

What is Valerian Sciatica Tea?

Valerian tea is created from the Valerian plant and is found in places like Europe and Asia. It’s actually a very beautiful flower that stems pink and white flowers.

Valerian Root

My wife would probably be super excited if I ever brought them home for her lol

Anyway, sorry for getting side track!

Valerian root is known to improve sleep, decrease stress and anxiety as well as having special healing properties.

It essentially works as a muscle relaxant and helps relieve all those inflamed nerves in your body… especially that one that runs from your butt to your leg (I’m talking about sciatica)

This special sciatica tea can be purchased in the store for just $6 and can easily be prepared at home in less than 10 minutes.

You can make it with a tea pot and boil the water etc…

However, I am not that smart when it comes to any kind of cooking or baking or “teaing” if you will…

So I just got a cup of water…. Put my Valerian tea bag inside and put it right inside the microwave.

Within minutes my sciatica tea was ready to drink!

My Thoughts on Sciatica Tea

When I tried my first cup of the special Valerian sciatica tea I was not super amused with the taste.  Maybe you have to become accustomed to any type of tea flavor but for me I have to honest it was hard to swallow at first haha 🙂

Valerian Root TeaHowever, a few sips in I got use to the flavor.

One thing I felt immediately after my first cup was how much more relaxed I felt.

Before I knew it I was flat out passed out on the couch and woke up about an hour later to my wife telling me to get up!

So I can say first and foremost this sciatica tea is probably best to be drank at nighttime because it definitely will relax you.

I kept drinking the tea for about a week in conjunction with the Sciatica SOS program and amazingly enough day by day I started feeling improvements!

I was no longer getting those random jolts of pain anymore and even when I did feel some pain it was so much more tamed than I had been a week prior before drinking the tea and doing the program.

I now enjoy a cup of valerian tea every night before I go to bed.

Maybe it’s just in my head but I feel like I can really feel it calming and soothing my sciatic nerve each and every time I have a cup.

Sciatica Tea Conclusion And Results

I am not cured from my sciatica nerve pain but as I said I’ve only been drinking sciatica tea for a week now as well as doing the exercises and following the diet from Sciatica SOS and I’m already feeling like a whole new person!

No doctors ever made me feel this good!

I can’t wait to see where I am a week from now and a month from now!

Freedom From Pain

Before long I know I’ll defeat sciatica once and for all!

I called my mother-in-law just yesterday and shared my incredible results so far with you.

Her response was basically “I told you so” lol

It made me open my eyes to the natural healers of this world.  There really truly is natural remedies that work so much faster safely than any drugs or surgeries that doctors recommend.

I know next time if I’m feeling any pains or discomforts of any kind, before I even think about going to the doctor and spending hundreds of dollars I am going to see what type of natural remedy exists first!

If you are interested in giving this sciatica tea a shot I would recommend doing a little more research on valerian tea to read some of its side effects and see if its truly something for you.

In addition read the review of the Sciatica SOS program and give it a try along with drinking your Valerian tea.

It’s a very affordable program and even comes with a coupon code to make it even cheaper.

Photo of AlexTry all this out and comment below and share your results with the rest of the readers!

Take Care,


What Is The Best At Home Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment For Women?

Woman celebrating

STOP RIGHT NOW! If you are a female from the age of 25-75 and have been experiencing sciatic nerve pain this is the article for you!

In this article I will share with you exactly the at-home treatment I found that worked wonders for me in relieving my sciatic nerve pain!

If you want to stop that annoying pain forever I suggest you keep reading!

Photo of NancyHey everyone my name is Nancy and I’m a 36 year old single mother of 3 from the great state of Texas!

Up until just recently I had been suffering from sciatic nerve pain for many many years.

My husband left me around 5 years ago and in the process left me with 3 boys to raise by myself.

I don’t want to make this into a sob story because my 3 boys are the best thing that’s ever happened to me but all my years of holding my children, playing with them, constantly on my feet and running around trying to make their lives better has unfortunately taken a toll on me!

I started feeling major back pain specifically in my butt down my right leg.  After a lot of Google research I found this pain was coming from my sciatic nerve!

For those of you that don’t know your sciatic nerve is a large nerve that extends from the lower end of our spine down the back of our thigh.  Overtime this nerve can become irritated from our everyday lives from doing our normal chores to stress.Sciatic Nerve diagram

I definitely know mine stemmed from a lot of stress and being constantly on the go raising my boys all by myself.

The pain made every day that much more difficult for me.

Taking kids to and from school and to basketball practice was not an easy chore.  It was so painful simply getting in and out of the car.

Simple trips to the grocery store were sometimes a nightmare because my sciatic nerve pain would become so unbearable.

It was hard to spend free time with my boys as they love to play sports and throw around nerf balls in the house.  I could barely move at times.

In the evening, putting them to sleep at night which was once a huge joy for me became hard and difficult.

I felt like a failure as a mother.

I ended up going to the local chiropractor in order to get rid of this sciatic nerve pain for good.

The doctor did some tests and gave me a guide showing me some stretches to do and then sent me on my merry way.

Here’s the thing about doctors and chiropractors that I have begun to find out…. I think it’s all about $$$. 

After the doctor I picked up my kids from school and then came right home to begin doing the stretches he recommended.

Unfortunately, the stretching guide gave me was nothing special.  These were all stretches I remember doing in physical education class in elementary school! NOT COOL DOC!

I finished up the stretches and didn’t feel any better or any relief…

To make matters worse about 3 days later I received a bill in the mail for $350 from my wasted trip to the ciropracter!!Huge Bill Clip Art

I felt like I had been SCAMMED AND RIPPED OFF!

I could have really used that money for groceries and clothes for my kids!

I knew at this point I needed to find something on my own!

One Monday a few weeks ago I got out of work early and had a few hours before I had to pick up my kids from school.

I want right home and begin researching ways I could cure this sciatic nerve pain ON MY OWN FROM HOME!

I wanted nothing to do with doctors anymore! I wanted to cure this at home and I knew there had to be a way!

I searched my message boards, forums and social media outlets until I found a Facebook page with other Moms like me suffering from my same pain.

They talked about a product called Sciatica SOS.

A program that guarantees to cure your sciatic nerve pain right from your own home in 7 days or less!

I was very skeptical of this so I immediately went google and searched Sciatica SOS review and it brought me here to!

I read the review of Sciatica SOS written by a father named Kyle and I easily related to a lot of the same pains and struggles he was having.

In the end he said he experienced incredible results with the program.

I thought about it for another hour or so but decided to give the program a try! After all, it was either spend $37 on the Sciatica SOS program or another $400 to see the doctor!

I purchased the program and was instantly given access to it.

That evening I read through the entire thing and felt inspired!

Through all of the information, strategies, and tips they revealed I knew I could beat this sciatic pain once and for all!

No More Pain Sign

The thing that made this program different from everything else I tried and researched is Sciatica SOS not only shows you the proper exercises, stretches and techniques to cure your sciatic pain but also shows you a special tea you can drink that can help rebuild and realign your nerves!

It was the tea that really got me to feel the difference!

After just 7 days of doing the Sciatica SOS program I felt that every second to pain go away!

It took a solid 20 days or so to stop feeling my sciatic nerve pain all together!

So yes ladies it is possible to cure your sciatic nerve pain from home! I did it myself!

Final Results

I am so glad I found this program! It has forever changed my life and left me with so much extra money in my pocket I can save for my children’s future!

No more medical bills, no more chiropractor visits!

I feel like a better person, and a better mom!

My life feels amazing now!

Man and Women Romantic on Bike

Sciatica SOS is hands down the best at home treatment for sciatic nerve pain! You can feel the results in less than 7 days and before you know it, you’re pain will be gone FOREVER!

Between me and you, with my new found confidence due to no more pain…I’ve even started dating again!

I’ve been enjoying my kids but also the romantic side of my life is on fire like it hasn’t been in years!

If you were in the same boat as me, I recommend giving this a try!

You’ll be happy you did!!

If you loved reading my article and found this to be helpful to you please share it with your friends and family using the share buttons below! Come on ladies! Let’s show the world we can beat sciatic pain!

Until next time ladies!

Nancy 🙂

Best Electric Heating Pad For Lower Back Pain

Woman using heating pad

Which electric heating pad is best for treating your lower back pain?

Check out these amazing options! You are sure to love them!

Choosing a perfect heating pad to relieve your lower back pain you’ve been having isn’t always the simplest choice.  I know for one I prefer my heating pad to have a very hot setting while others may not be comfortable with that much heat.

You also have to think about comfort… will you sacrifice softness and comfort over price?

Would you like a portable heating pad or just a simple one that plugs into the wall?

These are all questions that you need to ask yourself before you make your purchase so you can get the best possible option for yourself and your back!

That’s Me!

Hi! I’m Jason the owner of Happy Back Blog! I have suffered from lower back pain throughout my entire life.  At times it feels like an incurable disease.

I’ve missed work, family events and have even gone into debt over my back pain.

Most of my pain started from working construction back when I was 18 years old.

Yes, it wasn’t the best idea to start in such a rigorous job at such a young age but I had met my future wife and knew I wanted to marry her so I was willing to do whatever it took to make money to buy her the perfect ring and honeymoon!

Luckily, that was a success! We got married and started a beautiful family with 2 twin boys.. Jacob and Joshua!

Just like their Dad, both of my boys loved to play baseball and that’s when I started feeling my lower back pain flare up again.

spine back painAnytime I would swing a baseball bat or bend down to field ground balls I could feel that tight pain in my low back.

I knew if I wanted to keep playing sports and spending time with my family I needed to treat my lower back pain as quickly as possible.

So needless to say, finding the perfect electric heating pad for my lower back pain was a huge priority for me.  I’ve purchased several heading pads (and returned several) and I finally found the perfect one for me!

I’d like to take you through each one I’ve tried and let you know what I think and hopefully by the end of this article you’ll have found the electric heating pad that is perfect for your lower back!

I would like to personally note while heating pads do give you amazing results and relief, most of the time, it is just temporary.

I use my heating pad in conjunction with the My Back Pain Coach Program by Ian Hart and have experienced incredible low back healing results. I definitely suggest giving it a try as well along with your using your heating pad!

#1 PureRelief XL – King Size Heating Pad

Pure Relief Heating pad

This is one of Amazon’s #1 sellers and it’s for good reason! The PureRelief XL is my favorite heating pad and the one I currently own.

What I love about this one is it can get up to hot temperatures (140 F) which feels great on my back plus its made with a microplush fabric so it is super comfortable every time I use it!

It has a 2 hour auto shut off so its safe to take naps with or sleep with at night and best of all you can wash it right in your own washing machine to help maintain that nice and soft feel of the microplush fabric.

The one downside to this unit is, that it is a corded pad so keep that in mind if you are wanting something wireless, but for me this is not an issue.

Price-wise, this unit is fantastic! You’ll get many incredible features found in some of the most expensive units for the fraction of the cost.

After a hard day at work I like to come home and use my PureRelief XL before I take my kids to baseball practice where I know I’ll be using my back even more.  It loosens up my muscles and gets me ready for another few hours of play. I couldn’t ask for anything better! It does exactly what I need it to do!

All in all, the PureRelief XL Heating Pad has by far been my favorite heating pad and with a 5 year warranty, you don’t have to worry about you losing money in case something goes wrong with it!

Peace of mind for both myself and my back!


  • Super comfortable microplush fabric
  • Automatic 2 hour shut off making it safe to take naps and sleep with
  • Corded heating pad with adjustable settings via remote control
  • 5 year warranty
  • Affordable price
  • I own this heating pad myself and I love it!

-> Click To View Price @

#2 Sunbeam King Size Heating Pad

Sunbeam heating pad

Like I said before, you can get a cheaper option to a heating pad if you don’t mind losing some of the features.

The Sunbeam King Size heating pad is a fantastic option for the price! This guy is usually priced around the $20 range and has a lot of the same features that the PureRelief XL has minus just a few.

You’ll still get that nice heat as well as adjustable heat controller as well as the ability to machine wash it.

However, you will miss out on the comfort as this heating pad only comes with a cloth cover instead of the microplush feel.

Also, one of the biggest drawbacks is the Sunbeam King Size Heating Pad does NOT come with the auto-turn off feature.  This means it is going to be unsafe for you to sleep with it or take a nap.

This was the original heating pad that I purchased and I don’t really have any bad things to say about it.  With that being said… I did return it! 🙂

My only reasoning for this was due to the auto-turn off feature.  As I mentioned above this unit does not come with on and I had several instances where I fell asleep while using the pad and woke up hours later to the smell of burning.

The heating pad itself never caught on fire but obviously it’s not good for it to be left on for that long!

I returned it back to Amazon and switched it out for the PureRelief XL!

Now with all that being said, if these downsides are not a big deal to you, this without a doubt the Sunbeam heating pad is the best bang for your buck!


  • Machine Washable
  • Corded heating pad with adjustable settings via remote control
  • 5 year warranty
  • Most affordable price
  • Easily the best heating pad for the price

-> Click To View Price @

#3. HealthyLine Natural Far Infrared Heating Pad

HealthyLine Heating Pad

If money is not an issue… this is the by far the BEST heating pad available on the market!

The HealthyLine Natural Far Infrared Heating Pad is made from very high quality materials and what sets this apart from the rest is it’s made with Jade Stones that emit all the heat! This calls for the maximum heat transfer to your body.

The heating pad is even said to help fight diseases and sickness and also found to be helpful with kidney, heart and stomach aliments! The HealthyLine Natural Far Infrared heating pad talks a big game but it really truly is your all-in-one option.

I personally don’t own this own, however my father-in-law does and I have had many opportunities to try it out.  All I can say it is extremely top of the line.

It feels so good on your skin and body and to be honest I felt relief within minutes of using it! If paying bills wasn’t my priority I would own this and be one happier camper!

Again, if money is no issue for you,  I would 100% recommend HealthyLine Natural Far Infrared Heating Pad. It will have everything you ever need in a heating pad and comes with a one year warranty as well!


  • Emits heat via built in jade stones
  • Automatic 2 hour shut off making it safe to take naps and sleep with
  • Corded heating pad with adjustable settings via remote control
  • Helps fight disease and sickness
  • 1 year warranty
  • Higher priced but extremely top of the line
  • If money is not an issue, hands down the best heating pad on the market

-> Click To View Price @

As you can see you have quite a good number of options depending on the price range you are looking for!

These are just a few of the many options you have but I wanted to share with you the ones I have personally tested! If you want to view more options you can click on the button below!

Until then thanks for reading!

Happy Back Blog Owner

-> Click Here To View More Heating Pad Options

How To Get Rid Of Sciatica Pain Fast – Try These FAST and PROVEN Methods

Man Standing On Mountain

Sciatica pain sufferers have a major issue when it comes to their condition because it sometimes seems impossible to be treated. 

Doctors and chiropractors do everything they can to help, but all that we receive from them in return are bills in the mail.

When I started using the techniques I share with you in this article I wondered if they would have the same failed results as everything else I’ve tried so many times before.

It turns out my fears were groundless.

These techniques I’m about to mention really do work, and within a few days you can be well on your way to curing your sciatica pain for good!

Hey everyone, I am Jason, the creator of Happy Back Blog.

That’s Me!

While pain from sciatica can be annoying as well as agonizing, fortunately there are ways to relieve and even cure that pain… and it doesn’t even require having to go to the doctor! I did it myself!


Probably the best sciatica cure to hit the market, and one that helped me the most, Sciatica SOS is digital downloadable book that guarantees to cure your sciatica in 7 days or your money back!

Kyle, one of our contributors had been a life long suffer of sciatica and tried this product himself.  He reviewed the product and posted his results right here on Happy Back Blog, you can view it here!

The program is packed full of priceless information, some of which has never even been revealed to the world! It covers everything from stretches and exercises to a special tea that gives you instant pain relief just after one cup.

Click here to read our review of Sciatica SOS.


Ok, ok I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes right now thinking I’m going to try to convert you to a yogi, but the truth is yoga is one of the best reliefs not just for sciatica but for other body aches and pains.

There are plenty easy to do Yoga stretches that can give you instant relief from sciatica pain, and I mean instant – within a few minutes!



If you are looking for that instant relief without having to go through any physical activity, pain relievers will indeed help your sciatic pain, but only temporary.

Make sure you are only taking the recommended amount and not overdosing.

We don’t recommend pain relievers as you #1 go-to sciatica relief, but it can definitely help if you are in a rush or on the go.


Strengthening your core is an important aspect in helping relieve your sciatica pain along with all other types of back pain because the stronger your abdominal muscles are, the better support they have on your back.

Core exercise can be done by anyone, at anytime and do not require any resistance bands or weights whatsoever.

You can check out the video below to see my favorites!


For all you tv watchers or blog readers (like you reading this now!) be careful as to how long you find yourself sitting down.

By sitting you are stiffening your muscles and therefore creating more pain and discomfort for yourself.

I’m not saying you can’t enjoy your favorite Wednesday night tv-shows, just make sure you get up and move every now and then!


I think you can agree with me when I say getting rid of sciatica pain has been one of the toughest obstacles to overcome in my entire life.

Luckily, this pain is not permanent and can easily be cured in as little as 7 days! Follow my tips and advice and I have no doubt you’ll be pain free in 7 days or less!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Back Blog Founder

Lower Back Pain After Standing – The Quick and Easy Cure!

spine back pain
If you’re looking for a fast and easy cure for the back pain you are experiencing after standing for a few minutes then you’ve come to the right place! I myself have experienced the exact same problem and thank goodness I found the solution! I will share this with you today!

Hi! I’m Mark Wazzer!

I would like to share with you how I cured my lower back pain with a some fast and easy techniques!

I’ll show you exactly what I did and some of the causes of that pesky back pain you get when standing up so keep reading!

Lower Back Pain After Standing For A Few Minutes – The Quick And Easy Cure

I first started getting lower back pain when standing about 3 years ago at my 10 year old son Matthew’s school choir concert.

Matthew loved to sing and perform so these concerts were a huge deal to him, so if I ever missed one, he was truly disappointed…

I think all you Mom’s and Dad’s out there know that feeling of pride watching your child do something they love… it is truly a wonderful sensation.

Ok sorry for getting side track 🙂

Unfortunately, the night of his concert I was running a little late and by the time I arrived, all the seats had been filled!

 Standing room only! 

I wasn’t too worried about, although a little bit annoyed I knew I would be standing for an hour.

But it was worth it to watch Matthew!

About 5 minutes into the concert of standing I began feeling this achy pain in my lower back.

I had never felt this before, it felt as though my whole back was carrying an incredible amount of weight and had a lot of pressure pushing on it.

I began rubbing it hoping to relieve some of the pain but nothing worked.  I was so disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy the concert that night because of the uncomfortable feeling in my lower back.

I noticed from that day on whenever I stood up after sitting or stood in one place for a few minutes, I began to feel pain in my lower back.

I really didn’t have the time to continuously go to the doctor and chiropractor to see what was wrong.

I knew I had to solve this issue on my own!

After several weeks of research and failed home treatments, I finally found some of the causes and found the exact treatment that cured me!

What Causes Lower Back Pain When Standing For a Few Minutes

Upon research I found there can be several causes of lower back pain when standing one of which is a sprain.

A back sprain can occur during our everyday life chores and objectives like lifting objects, working out, getting out of the car, etc.

We get these small minor tears along the muscles that surround our spine which cause the muscles to tighten and give us that feeling of pressure and pain.

Not so shockingly enough, posture has a great deal to do with our back pain also.  Sometimes when we lean too far forward when standing we are putting unnecessary pressure on our facet joints which are the joints in our spine that allow us to bend and twist.

Surprisingly this is one of the main causes of disc imbalances!

I know I was guilty of both of these.

My posture had never been good throughout my life and I know whenever I did my every day chores I never focused on using the correct movements to support my back.

What’s The Cure For Lower Back Pain After Standing?

When I began looking for a cure to this lower back pain I stumbled across a Facebook Page where the members were having similar problems to me.

One member in particular shared a link to this Online Back Pain Coach!

I was very skeptical at first as I am with most things I purchase…

However, temptation got the best of me so I clicked on it and watched the informational video began realizing this could be just the solution I needed.

It was fast and easy and guaranteed resultsYou can watch it here to see if it’s for you too!

I ended up searching for a review of the product and it brought me here to! I read the review by Bill Plowers of Happy Back Blog and immediately knew I had to try this product.

The program was very easy to follow and required less than 20 minutes a day to do the stretches they recommended.

My Back Pain Coach Thoughts

The program itself was very nicely put together and made it very easy to watch and perform each movement in the videos.

After the first day I felt really good with what I had accomplished but knew I had a long way to go.

However as the days went by I definitely started to feel a big improvement!

Doing these easy movements every day brought more strength and circulation to my back, I haven’t felt in years!

The back pain I had when standing became non-existent after about 10 days of doing the My Back Pain Coach movements!

Turns out a little TLC is all our backs need in order to remain strong and happy!

Now anytime Matthew has any sort of sporting event or concert I can stand for as long as possible and never get that feeling in my back!

It all comes down to building some flexibility and strength in our backs and it’s these movements you can find in the My Back Pain Coach program!

I can’t share with you all the stretches and movements My Back Pain Coach teaches you but I will show you some of my favorites!

Full Squat Rest Posture

This movement is great to realign the spine and get your body use to a new and better posture.  This will keep us from constantly bending forward when we stand and creating that extra pain and pressure.

You can watch the video on how to do it below

Knee to Chest Stretch

This is very basic, yet for me, a very effective stretch.  I feel results almost immediately when doing it so it’s definitely a part of my every day ritual!

These are just a couple of my favorite stretches and movements that My Back Pain Coach taught me! If these were too difficult for you to attempt, there are a lot of modifiers explained to you in the program.


So there you have it! Some of the reasons why you may be feeling lower back pain from standing even after just a few minutes.

  • Are you constantly lifting heavy objects?
  • Bending and twisting your body in different directions?
  • And what about your posture?
  • Do you find yourself bending too far forward when you stand?

Keep all these in mind and try out My Back Pain Coach and I have no doubt you will never feel lower back pain from standing again!

Check out the My Back Pain Coach website

Check out the My Back Pain Coach Review by HappyBackBlog!

Thank you for reading! If you have questions please drop a comment below!

Mark Wazzer
HappyBackBlog Guest Contributer