Lower Back Pain After Standing – The Quick and Easy Cure!

Lower Back Pain After Standing – The Quick and Easy Cure!

If you’re looking for a fast and easy cure for the back pain you are experiencing after standing for a few minutes then you’ve come to the right place! I myself have experienced the exact same problem and thank goodness I found the solution! I will share this with you today!

Hi! I’m Mark Wazzer!

I would like to share with you how I cured my lower back pain with a some fast and easy techniques!

I’ll show you exactly what I did and some of the causes of that pesky back pain you get when standing up so keep reading!

Lower Back Pain After Standing For A Few Minutes – The Quick And Easy Cure

I first started getting lower back pain when standing about 3 years ago at my 10 year old son Matthew’s school choir concert.

Matthew loved to sing and perform so these concerts were a huge deal to him, so if I ever missed one, he was truly disappointed…

I think all you Mom’s and Dad’s out there know that feeling of pride watching your child do something they love… it is truly a wonderful sensation.

Ok sorry for getting side track 🙂

Unfortunately, the night of his concert I was running a little late and by the time I arrived, all the seats had been filled!

 Standing room only! 

I wasn’t too worried about, although a little bit annoyed I knew I would be standing for an hour.

But it was worth it to watch Matthew!

About 5 minutes into the concert of standing I began feeling this achy pain in my lower back.

I had never felt this before, it felt as though my whole back was carrying an incredible amount of weight and had a lot of pressure pushing on it.

I began rubbing it hoping to relieve some of the pain but nothing worked.  I was so disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy the concert that night because of the uncomfortable feeling in my lower back.

I noticed from that day on whenever I stood up after sitting or stood in one place for a few minutes, I began to feel pain in my lower back.

I really didn’t have the time to continuously go to the doctor and chiropractor to see what was wrong.

I knew I had to solve this issue on my own!

After several weeks of research and failed home treatments, I finally found some of the causes and found the exact treatment that cured me!

What Causes Lower Back Pain When Standing For a Few Minutes

Upon research I found there can be several causes of lower back pain when standing one of which is a sprain.

A back sprain can occur during our everyday life chores and objectives like lifting objects, working out, getting out of the car, etc.

We get these small minor tears along the muscles that surround our spine which cause the muscles to tighten and give us that feeling of pressure and pain.

Not so shockingly enough, posture has a great deal to do with our back pain also.  Sometimes when we lean too far forward when standing we are putting unnecessary pressure on our facet joints which are the joints in our spine that allow us to bend and twist.

Surprisingly this is one of the main causes of disc imbalances!

I know I was guilty of both of these.

My posture had never been good throughout my life and I know whenever I did my every day chores I never focused on using the correct movements to support my back.

What’s The Cure For Lower Back Pain After Standing?

When I began looking for a cure to this lower back pain I stumbled across a Facebook Page where the members were having similar problems to me.

One member in particular shared a link to this Online Back Pain Coach!

I was very skeptical at first as I am with most things I purchase…

However, temptation got the best of me so I clicked on it and watched the informational video began realizing this could be just the solution I needed.

It was fast and easy and guaranteed resultsYou can watch it here to see if it’s for you too!

I ended up searching for a review of the product and it brought me here to happybackblog.com! I read the review by Bill Plowers of Happy Back Blog and immediately knew I had to try this product.

The program was very easy to follow and required less than 20 minutes a day to do the stretches they recommended.

My Back Pain Coach Thoughts

The program itself was very nicely put together and made it very easy to watch and perform each movement in the videos.

After the first day I felt really good with what I had accomplished but knew I had a long way to go.

However as the days went by I definitely started to feel a big improvement!

Doing these easy movements every day brought more strength and circulation to my back, I haven’t felt in years!

The back pain I had when standing became non-existent after about 10 days of doing the My Back Pain Coach movements!

Turns out a little TLC is all our backs need in order to remain strong and happy!

Now anytime Matthew has any sort of sporting event or concert I can stand for as long as possible and never get that feeling in my back!

It all comes down to building some flexibility and strength in our backs and it’s these movements you can find in the My Back Pain Coach program!

I can’t share with you all the stretches and movements My Back Pain Coach teaches you but I will show you some of my favorites!

Full Squat Rest Posture

This movement is great to realign the spine and get your body use to a new and better posture.  This will keep us from constantly bending forward when we stand and creating that extra pain and pressure.

You can watch the video on how to do it below

Knee to Chest Stretch

This is very basic, yet for me, a very effective stretch.  I feel results almost immediately when doing it so it’s definitely a part of my every day ritual!

These are just a couple of my favorite stretches and movements that My Back Pain Coach taught me! If these were too difficult for you to attempt, there are a lot of modifiers explained to you in the program.


So there you have it! Some of the reasons why you may be feeling lower back pain from standing even after just a few minutes.

  • Are you constantly lifting heavy objects?
  • Bending and twisting your body in different directions?
  • And what about your posture?
  • Do you find yourself bending too far forward when you stand?

Keep all these in mind and try out My Back Pain Coach and I have no doubt you will never feel lower back pain from standing again!

Check out the My Back Pain Coach website

Check out the My Back Pain Coach Review by HappyBackBlog!

Thank you for reading! If you have questions please drop a comment below!

Mark Wazzer
HappyBackBlog Guest Contributer

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  1. Great article Mark!

    I too experience back pain when I stand up, even if its just for a few minutes. I will definitely give a shot at your suggestions.
    Thank you also for recommending the My Back Pain Coach program.. I’ll be looking into that as well!!!

    • Thank you Jim!

      All these tips helped me so I know they can help you too! And yes, check out the review of My Back Pain Coach for more info! The results have been pretty impressive!

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