The Natural Healing Powers of Sciatica Tea

The Natural Healing Powers of Sciatica Tea

Have you tried everything but can’t seem to get rid of your agonizing sciatica pain? If so, this article was created for you.  Read on as I explore the very rare overlooked sciatica pain reliever… Tea!

Photo of AlexHey my name is Alex and I am a father to 2 awesome boys and husband of 8 years.

Just like you I was a long time sufferer of sciatic nerve pain.  I think we can all agree it is one of the most unbearable yet annoying pains in the world.

It shows up when we least expect it and can easily ruin your entire day.

Sciatica Tea: The Natural Sciatic Nerve Pain Reliever

Sciatica Diagram

I can remember a few times my sciatica would act up during big family events.  At my youngest boys pre-school graduation when his name was called to walk up on stage

I jumped up to take a photo and immediately the pain shot through my buttocks and leg! I let out a scream in the middle of the ceremony!

Talk about super embarrassing!

When at nighttime when I’d be hanging out with the family the pain would creep up on me and completely ruin a night filled with fun.

I made several doctors appointments and got checked out quite a bit.  The problem was most of the doctors I went to immediately wanted to slice me open and perform surgery!

I don’t think so!

Not only did that not sound appealing but I didn’t have anywhere near the money for that!

How I Discovered Sciatica Tea

So as it turns out, mother-in-law is huge into at home remedies.

She’s always the one we go to whenever we are sick and have aches and pains.

She doesn’t “believe” in surgery and all that and is a true believer that the natural substances our earth creates can cure pains and diseases.

I have to admit, sometimes I am skeptical of all that.. but at this point it was either have surgery or see what kind of remedies she knew about for sciatica pain.

One day I went to speak with my mother-in-law to see if she had any information about at home cures and reliefs for sciatic nerve pain.

She took one look at me and smiled and said…

Hun.. drink some tea!

There was just one slight problem with this… I have never in my entire life been a tea drinker.

Cup of Tea

I think the only time I had ever even tried tea was when I was forced to when I was younger lol.

But again I was determined to try anything.

My mother-in-law talked about a well-known program found online called Sciatica SOS.

She said my father-in-law used it last year to help him permanently cure his sciatic nerve pain.

That’s right, he never once had to visit the doctor!!

Now all the sudden these at-home-remedy lovers didn’t seem so crazy to me lol!

Apparently, it’s a program that guarantees to relieve your sciatica in a week and she said it’s main focus is based around a special Nepali Tea.

Here is a full on review of the program if you are interested in learning more about Sciatica SOS:

I ended up purchasing the program using the coupon code and immediately got started to see what this magical sciatica tea was all about!

The program is stocked full of information about sciatica.

Different exercises you can do, foods you should eat, the proper amount of sleep you should have but most importantly it talks all about the sciatica tea!

As it turns out tea has some very powerful healing powers that dates back thousands of years ago.

Of course there are many different teas that have different effects on your body but the best tea I found that had the biggest positive effect on my sciatica was Valerian Tea.

What is Valerian Sciatica Tea?

Valerian tea is created from the Valerian plant and is found in places like Europe and Asia. It’s actually a very beautiful flower that stems pink and white flowers.

Valerian Root

My wife would probably be super excited if I ever brought them home for her lol

Anyway, sorry for getting side track!

Valerian root is known to improve sleep, decrease stress and anxiety as well as having special healing properties.

It essentially works as a muscle relaxant and helps relieve all those inflamed nerves in your body… especially that one that runs from your butt to your leg (I’m talking about sciatica)

This special sciatica tea can be purchased in the store for just $6 and can easily be prepared at home in less than 10 minutes.

You can make it with a tea pot and boil the water etc…

However, I am not that smart when it comes to any kind of cooking or baking or “teaing” if you will…

So I just got a cup of water…. Put my Valerian tea bag inside and put it right inside the microwave.

Within minutes my sciatica tea was ready to drink!

My Thoughts on Sciatica Tea

When I tried my first cup of the special Valerian sciatica tea I was not super amused with the taste.  Maybe you have to become accustomed to any type of tea flavor but for me I have to honest it was hard to swallow at first haha 🙂

Valerian Root TeaHowever, a few sips in I got use to the flavor.

One thing I felt immediately after my first cup was how much more relaxed I felt.

Before I knew it I was flat out passed out on the couch and woke up about an hour later to my wife telling me to get up!

So I can say first and foremost this sciatica tea is probably best to be drank at nighttime because it definitely will relax you.

I kept drinking the tea for about a week in conjunction with the Sciatica SOS program and amazingly enough day by day I started feeling improvements!

I was no longer getting those random jolts of pain anymore and even when I did feel some pain it was so much more tamed than I had been a week prior before drinking the tea and doing the program.

I now enjoy a cup of valerian tea every night before I go to bed.

Maybe it’s just in my head but I feel like I can really feel it calming and soothing my sciatic nerve each and every time I have a cup.

Sciatica Tea Conclusion And Results

I am not cured from my sciatica nerve pain but as I said I’ve only been drinking sciatica tea for a week now as well as doing the exercises and following the diet from Sciatica SOS and I’m already feeling like a whole new person!

No doctors ever made me feel this good!

I can’t wait to see where I am a week from now and a month from now!

Freedom From Pain

Before long I know I’ll defeat sciatica once and for all!

I called my mother-in-law just yesterday and shared my incredible results so far with you.

Her response was basically “I told you so” lol

It made me open my eyes to the natural healers of this world.  There really truly is natural remedies that work so much faster safely than any drugs or surgeries that doctors recommend.

I know next time if I’m feeling any pains or discomforts of any kind, before I even think about going to the doctor and spending hundreds of dollars I am going to see what type of natural remedy exists first!

If you are interested in giving this sciatica tea a shot I would recommend doing a little more research on valerian tea to read some of its side effects and see if its truly something for you.

In addition read the review of the Sciatica SOS program and give it a try along with drinking your Valerian tea.

It’s a very affordable program and even comes with a coupon code to make it even cheaper.

Photo of AlexTry all this out and comment below and share your results with the rest of the readers!

Take Care,


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